What do SEO Companies in Sydney Do?

SEO companies in Sydney help companies to increase their business when people use search engines. The SEO companies in Sydney and elsewhere as well do it through 3 main activities. They are:

  1. Content creation
  2. Building of links that are high quality ones
  3. Analyzing and evaluating the results and making the necessary tweaks.

When companies hire SEO companies in Sydney, they actually pay for:

Initial research and analysis

Any company undertaking SEO services will conduct an audit, research and analyze the company, the industry as well as the website they are going to work with. This is due to the fact that each of the companies, clients, websites and industries are different. There isn’t a set yardstick to measure all. There are a number of variables which go into the mix.

Researching keywords

The companies will need to identify and research on the different kinds of keywords which produce results and help the client achieve good rankings. They also need to study the competitors, how they are using he keywords and how much goodness is that yielding them.


These companies also review how the company has been doing in the past using various web analytics tools and webmaster tools. This is both – how the client is performing as a business entity as well as how the website is performing in comparison with others in the same industry and in comparison with the competitors.

Link profile

The practice of building hundreds or thousands of inbound links are not only frowned upon but even penalized by Google. This is the main reason why links are being scrutinized by SEO companies in order to ensure that their clients are not getting blacklisted by the organic search engines.

Optimization activities

The optimization activities include redesigning of the website which is either outdated or has poor conversion rates or is coded poorly. In case a redesign is not needed then it could be that the code needs to be overhauled so that it makes the site more SEO friendly. There is also a need to ensure that the site can be accessed through various devices including handheld devices as more and more people are searching and shopping using handheld devices. There is also the analysis of the links and removal of links or disavowal of backlinks which cannot be taken off.

Optimization also consists of monitoring links so that negative SEO attacks can be prevented. It also consists of monitoring the competitors to see what the kinds of links they have built in are and it consists of tracking down people that mention the company and building links to the website.


There are other websites which are relevant and the SEO companies generally reach out to these websites so that the content can be promoted and links can be generated. There are guest blogs which are also advocated.

Therefore, as seen the job done by an SEO company involves several activities and sub activities too and only then does the website do well with regards the search engines.

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