Slowing Down Videos Using Movavi Video Editor

Remember those amazing action sequence in the Matrix that has some incredible shots in slow motion? Don’t you think it would be really great if you could pull off something like that?

Most people assume that in order to come up with a slow-motion video you need a special camera or software, but that’s not true. While recording video in a high frame rate can help, the fact of the matter is that you can come up with slow motion video footage of your own using Movavi Video Editor.

Simply put Movavi Video Editor will let you adjust the speed of your video, to either slow down video or even speed it up. In this case if you just want to create a slow motion effect, you need only worry about the former.

Rest assured slowing down a video isn’t nearly as complicated as it sounds – at least not using Movavi Video Editor. To get started you should launch the editor then click on the option labelled ‘Create project in full feature mode’. Once the editor opens up, click ‘Add Media Files’ and select the video that you want to slow down.

In the lower part of Movavi Video Editor’s interface you’ll see the ‘Timeline’ section and the video that you added should be in it. Click on the video to select it, then click on the ‘Clip Properties’ button that resembles a cogwheel in the row of icons right above the ‘Timeline’.

Under the ‘Clip Properties’ there’ll be several options – one of which is the ‘Speed’ which you can adjust conveniently using the slider. Just move the slider to the left and Movavi Video Editor will slow down your video accordingly. Initially it may take a bit of experimentation for you to figure out exactly how slow you want your video to be.

The only problem with slowing down videos is that doing so will also slow down the audio – and that can sound awful. To correct it, click the ‘Mute Track’ icon beside the audio track of the video on the ‘Timeline’, then add a new audio file to use in its place. If you’d like to restore the original audio, add the original video again and drag it down from the video track to the audio track.

When you’re done you should click ‘Export’ to save your video and choose the format that you want to use. However Movavi Video Editor has lots of other features that you should try before that, to apply other special effects, enhance the quality of your video, cut and join video segments, and more. Effectively you could create your very own slow motion action masterpiece if you want to.