Qualities of a good SEO company

When you are on the hunt for a good SEO Company in Australia you should first set your own goals right and check with multiple companies before you select one. This being said choosing the right company is easier said than done. However, here we have given you some traits and qualities that you could look for in a great SEO Company.

  • The very first step should be checking the company’s accreditation – if they are members of any local Boards or any reputable business associations. Have a look at their team profile. A staff which is comprised of well qualified professionals who are groomed and educated in the nuances of internet marketing is a positive sign. All this information can be found on the company’s website itself. You may not even have to go to any other pages other than the homepage.
  • To have a high ranking on search engines, on-page technology is important for your brand website. An SEO Company in Australia with a strong foundation and background in all technical facets of internet marketing would be able to get your site to a good standing. If you are launching a new site, then this is essential for you. You need to question your SEO firm; what they plan as far as the technical backend of the website is concerned. If they come up with the following statements, then you are in good hands –
    1. Using structured data to mark your site up.
    2. Optimization of headings, title tags as well as meta-description
    3. Optimization of the site page speeds
    4. Optimization of the site and compatibility with mobile responsive designs
  • We have spoken about on-page technology. But what about content? If your SEO provider is good, they should have a strong content team. Online gabbing should be their specialty, so to speak. Your web pages need to be rewritten, your blogging strategy crafted and they have to provide you with rich content like info-graphics, photos or videos. Make sure that your SEO firm has the right kind of staff for your kind of plan.
  • If your SEO Company is genuine they should have at least one in their staff who is certified in Google Analytics. Also the firm needs to be forthright about the analytics given to your business. They should give you a monthly analytics report which should be discussed by the both of you. You can judge what has been working for you and what hasn’t really been favoring you.
  • Only working on the website won’t do. Social signals also need to be given importance. Your SEO firm needs to have a strong social media presence. This being said, do not judge them just by the number of followers they have. What you need to see is if they are active on social media with daily posts and optimized profiles. Their website should have social plug-ins and icons which shows that they know the importance of openness and connection. They should answer any of your questions in regards to the optimization of your presence. They should help you with the management of your social media marketing plan as it is also a part of your SEO tactics.

By looking out for the above qualities you should be able to identify the right SEO Company in Australia for you.