How Much Does Managed WordPress Hosting Cost?

In 2014, over 50% of small businesses had a website, and that number has continued to rise. Of those that don’t, 19% claim “cost” as the reason why they don’t have one.

Having a website for your Canadian business is crucial for success in 2018, but the costs of running a website can get a little confusing.

One of the more daunting factors is web hosting. While you may want to invest in managed WordPress web hosting, it could be that you don’t understand costs.

This guide covers the different packages of WordPress¬†web hosting in Canada, what the prices are, and gives you the details so you know what you’re buying.

WordPress Basic

The “starter pack” if you will, WordPress gives you what your business needs at an affordable price. This is for basic blogs and simple startups.

What you get with WordPress Basic is a single website that handles 10 GB of SSD storage. This WordPress web hosting is ideal for sites that have 25,000 visitors or less in a month.

A package like this runs you $11 CAD per month. For Canadian web hosting, this is incredibly valuable for what is offered.

WordPress Deluxe

For those with small businesses or who are growing quickly, WordPress deluxe, a package slightly above Basic might benefit you more.

This service still covers only one site, but it handles up to 15 GB of storage. You also get support for 100,000 monthly visitors, plus a one-click staging site. The staging site can be used to test site customizations. On top of this, you also get an SEO plugin.

For all of this, the web hosting service is about $13 CAD monthly. Still extremely low-cost, still worthwhile professional web hosting.

WordPress Ultimate

Perfect for those who need secure sites for their business, the Ultimate Package is here for you.

WordPress Ultimate bumps it up to two supported websites, 30 GB of storage, and 400,000 monthly visitors. You still get your one-click staging site to test aspects of your sites, as well as the SEO plugin. In addition, you get malware scans and removals.

Because of the extra security, this package runs a bit higher at $19 CAD monthly. But, if you need your web hosting to be protected to the fullest, this is the best package to consider.

WordPress Pro

The pure size of your company will dictate whether or not WordPress Pro makes sense for you.

Much more comprehensive than the rest, this web hosting package supports up to 25 sites for a total storage of 250 GB. This equates to 5 million visitors per month, one-click staging, and secure access.

If your business is this big, then the upgraded cost of $89 CAD monthly is a tremendous deal. You have a ton of sites and management on your plate; using professional web hosting is the best option.

How to Choose Web Hosting in Canada

Take a good, long look at your business and where it’s heading.

While it is indeed a cost, it’s worth it to get professional WordPress web hosting in Canada. Trusting people knowledgeable about WordPress and outsourcing your web hosting gives you the time to do other important tasks in your business. It also gives you the best traffic because of the SEO plugins, secure connection, and skilled service.